About the Teacher

Hi! My name is Deborra Higgins and I have enjoyed teaching Home Economics for over 30 years. I pride myself in remaining current and enthusiastic about the passion of teaching such valuable skills. I constantly tell my students that they are the smartest students in the school, taking a life skill course that will last them a lifetime! Not a day goes by in life where you are not deciding what to wear or what to eat to stay healthy and happy.
My recipes and foods lesson plans have been constantly evolving to a point where each of them works extremely well. At no time are students cooking for cooking’s sake but they are learning the science, the how, the why of what they are making. We look at the individual and the world impact made by our food choices today.
My textile classes inspire creativity and knowledge on how to provide clothing for ourselves and our families. Also the vastness of the clothing industry in everything from theatre to space exploration is stressed along with being kind to the planet.
I have explored web sites looking for new ideas for Home Ec lesson plans and came up extremely short. This is when I decided that my personal resources could easily be shared with fellow teachers looking for lesson plans on line. If you are a teacher, you know how many hours it takes to create lesson plans for your classes. Why is everyone reinventing the same wheel? Let me help you! I have put in the hours and have had excellent results and feedback from my students.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. When ready to order please contact me re using Paypal.  Thank you.

Happy Teaching!